Fix FERC S.2012 Petition

NHPLAN Logo 2015-11-07Pipeline fighters across New England fought the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) every step of the way while working to stop the Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline (NED). Thankfully, that pipeline proposal was stopped, and now we have a chance to make sure other communities fighting pipelines aren’t held back by FERC like we were.

Earlier this year in the U.S. Senate, S.2012 was introduced as a reworking of our national energy laws. While the legislation promotes some alternatives to fossil fuels, it does more harm than good by empowering the FERC even more, expediting gas pipeline project approvals, and thus eroding the states’ authorities even further.

Please use the link below to urge Senator Bernie Sanders, a key member of the conference committee currently responsible for S.2012, to oppose any provisions that give FERC additional power.

link25 Fix FERC S.2012 Petition