Letter: Representative Jack Flanagan’s Letter to FERC

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May 11, 2016

“As has been stated in numerous comments and echoed in two motions to dismiss filed since the announced “suspension ” of the NED project, including a motion to dismiss filed by the New Hampshire Municipal Pipeline Coalition (“Coalition”), consisting of 13 towns including Brookline and Mason, the applicant’s request is grossly unfair and without legal or factual support. Towns opposing the project , as intervenors in the proceeding or otherwise, will continue to incur associated legal expenses, as well as costs related to evaluation of the impacts of the project to assess how best to protect their communities from project implication s. Moreover, there is no precedent for proceeding on a terminated project. 1 In fact, from its filing of a patently incomplete application to begin with, through its final admission that there was never any hope for the NED project , it is clear that the applicant has always proceeded in bad

Please add this letter to the pile of requests for closure of FERC Docket No . CP16-21 , and immediately grant the pending motions to dismiss, denying and dismissing the underlying application, with prejudice, and without right of the applicant, or its affiliates , to submit an application for the same or similar project with the FERC.”

Rep Flanagan FERC Letter 20160511

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