Letter: Temple BOS Letter to FERC

NHPLAN Logo 2015-11-07May 3, 2016

“FERC should understand that the Town of Temple, like many towns impacted by this application , has expended substantial sums in staff time, legal representation and expert advice to fully understand the impact of this project on our community, particularly the health and safety of our residents. Because the “suspension” of this project is only temporary, we are required to continue to expend Town funds for these purposes .

Rather than place the Town in a position where we must continue to expend funds, we request that FERC dismiss this application with prejudice immediately. Both KM/TGP

and FERC have discontinued work on this project but the affected towns are put in a position where the discontinuance of our work would place our citizens at risk.

We also suggest that FERC review its pre-filing and application processes. Not requiring proof of need in advance and accepting grossly incomplete pre-filing and application documentation is not prudent. It is unacceptable that FERC has been given grossly incomplete responses to its own questions.

By copy of this letter to the NH Attorney General, we are requesting a thorough review of the KM/TGP application process to date to determine if restitution is due NH towns for the costs incurred relative to this docket.”

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