Letter: Town of Milford states “FERC must review its pre-filing and application process”

NHPLAN Logo 2015-11-07April 29, 2016

“The Town of Milford, NH would like to go on record stating that FERC must review its pre-filing and application processes. With future applications, the case for need should be determined in a public hearing during the pre-filing process. Grossly incomplete pre-filings and applications, like this as submitted by KMTGP, should be rejected and dismissed upon receipt. Additionally, deadlines should be set and any applicant that is derelict in responding to FERC requests for additional information, as KMTGP was in this case, should have their filings and applications dismissed.

By copy of this letter, the Town of Milford, NH is requesting that the NH Attorney General investigate the details of this application and determine if restitution is due all NH Towns for costs incurred relative to the referenced Docket.”  Read more  …