Proposed NED route


KM/TGP representatives tote “collocation” as the reason the proposed route is preferred.  Make no mistake, the limited amount of land in an existing KM/TGP right-of-way (ROW) is a measly 10.7 acres of the 1,885 acres they’ll be decimating during construction (right table 2.2-1).  Further the KM/TGP existing ROW represents about 2% of the “new” land which would remain permanently altered by the permanent 50′ easement across the state, compressor stations, and meter stations.[1]

Using the KM/TGP justification of preferred route, it’s easy to see that the NED easement would later offer an existing ROW and therefore a “preferred route” for future pipeline projects.

Interactive Maps


KM/TGP most recent interactive route is available at the links below.

» Interactive Google Map
» Interactive Google Earth Map

The following map links are from the KM/TGP formal filing with the FERC on November 20th, 2015.

» System
» Laterals
» Market Path
» Supply Path

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