Rensselaer County FERC Letter 20160426

NHPLAN Logo 2015-11-07Rensselaer County FERC Letter Requesting Dismissal of Application

“Rensselaer County is at a point in time when it must either commit substantial sums of money to the proceeding pending before your Commission or if this application is to be closed, then to redirect those funds to other beneficial uses for our citizenry. Your Commission has repeatedly requested additional material and information from the applicant, without receiving any meaningful response. Although we have no objection to the requested month delay in further action, our County must insist and hereby moves that if nothing meaningful to the furtherance of the pending application is filed by Kinder Morgan, Inc. and/or Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, LLC on May 26th, that FERC dismiss the application with prejudice at the end of business on that date.”

link25 Rensselaer County FERC Letter 20160426-5086(31415113).pdf