The Sacrifice for NED

NHPLAN Logo 2015-11-07Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s/Kinder Morgan’s (“TGP/KM”) “preferred route” would cross wetlands, conservation lands, residential properties, business properties, and farms. These lands would be taken by eminent domain, if necessary, then clear cut, trenched, and blasted leaving a scar never allowed to completely regrow since herbicides and mowing would be required to prevent deep root vegetation. Beyond the pipeline itself, the NED proposal also includes massive industrial compressor stations, far larger than any ever sited in New England.

Compromises and sacrifices include:

    • Decreases in air and water quality
    • Decreases in home and property values
    • Increased risk of catastrophic accidents to towns, citizens, and businesses
    • Loss of conservation land intended to be protected from development forever
    • Loss of historical structures intended to be preserved forever

“The NED project is incompatible with national, regional and state policies and goals for greenhouse gas reductions, and comes with enormous, avoidable environmental and economic consequences.  Major new pipelines increasing our dependence on natural gas will make it more difficult, not less, to meet GHG reduction goals over both the short and longer term. Life-cycle emissions from gas often exceed that of other fossil fuels they replace, while also causing other major environmental impacts that can be avoided through greater emphasis on energy efficiency and renewables.” [1]

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