Better Solutions than NED

NHPLAN Logo 2015-11-07There are less destructive ways than NED to supply additional amounts of gas during the few weeks when demand is higher.  Storing the excess natural gas in existing pipelines throughout the year or using liquid natural gas (LNG) would be a better approach to solving a peak demand problem.

link25LNG Supplies for Peak Demand

Existing infrastructure is more than adequate

“Existing pipeline, pipeline expansions already underway and other natural gas supply infrastructure is more than adequate to meet winter peaking needs. In fact, the electricity system has maintained required reserve margins during some of the most extreme conditions over the past three winters despite numerous force majeure challenges. The issue is not lack of infrastructure, but insufficient commercial contracts to access existing energy”

link25Energyzt – Analysis of Alternative Winter Reliability Solutions for New England Energy Markets

We don’t need Kinder Morgan’s pipeline – LNG or fixing leaks can address our 1 percent problem

“The case for need is generally predicated on the winter peaking problem. Winter is a time when the weather can be dangerous. People are vulnerable. It’s a scenario screaming for exploitation by an opportunistic businessman looking to export natural gas to global markets.”  Continue …

Proposed Pipeline Projects NGA (800)
NED is not the only solution for increased supply to  New England.  The graphic to the right offers insight into the number of pipeline proposals in the region and suggests NED is not the best solution.

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